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We want Sardinia and Corsica to be part of the Hyperloop revolution.


Along with 34 other projects from all around the world, the project Corsica-Sardinia has been selected as semi-finalist at the Hyperloop One Global Challenge and it now represents a Region of Interest for Hyperloop One.

Both Corsica and Sardinia are suffering from being peripheral regions, rather distant from the main industrial areas or Europe, which causes inevitable economic distortions. 

Technologies of transport are the most powerful drivers to revolutionize the morphology of two territorial entities and let them become part of a huge socio-economic transformation. A century ago, nobody could have imagined to leave Corsica or Sardinia in the morning and to reach New York City the same day. Thanks to the revolution of aviation, taking a plane and traveling thousands of kilometers at a fair price is something normal nowadays.


Imagine that Corsica and Sardinia were connected in a few minutes at the cost of a bus ride.


If hours became minutes, Corsica and Sardinia would turn into a comprehensive territorial entity with critical mass of population, visitors, students, medical services, with complementary transport infrastructures (ports and airports) and connections. Sardinia could offer Corsica a connection to the main Mediterranean shipping route through Porto Canale (Cagliari) which is critical for the future of agriculture and industry in Corsica. And Corsica could give European passengers and freight a better access to Sardinia through Bastia thanks to its proximity with Tuscany and Liguria. Together, Corsica and Sardinia would become a main communication axis between the north and the south of the Mediterranean.

In order to design a better future for the sister islands, FemuQuì decided to take up the Hyperloop One Global Challenge.



This project is supported by

Culletività Territuriale di Corsica & Regione Autonoma della Sardegna



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